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WARBRINGER Release Fifth Studio Album ‘Woe To The Vanquished’
March 31st, 2017

Los Angeles, California-based thrash metal group Warbringer issued fifth full-length studio album Woe To The Vanquished on March 31st, 2017 through Napalm Records.

Woe To The Vanquished was made available in the following formats: a regular jewel case CD edition, a vinyl LP gatefold edition (black and other coloured vinyl variations), and a Super Deluxe Wooden Box Warchest edition (featuring CD, exclusive two-track seven-inch single, flag, and band logo dog tags). The latter was only available via the Napalm Records webstores in the United States and Europe, and was strictly limited to 500 copies.

The bonus seven-inch single included with the Super Deluxe Wooden Box Warchest edition contained two cover versions; Death’s ‘Evil Dead’ (featuring Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains) and Coroner’s ‘Arc Lite’ (featuring Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez of Exmortus).

The outing was produced and mixed by Mike Plotnikoff, and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Cover artwork duties fell to Andreas Marschall, the artwork directly based on a photograph from the end of the First World War; a pyramid of 12,000 German spiked helmets, right in the middle of New York City.

Woe To The Vanquished’s album title was explained by vocalist John Kevill, the frontman studying to become a history professor: “The title Woe To The Vanquished comes from early Roman history — before they were the huge empire they became. In 390 BC, a host of Gauls led by a warlord called Brennus attacked Rome, and captured all the city except the Capitoline Hill. From this hill, the defeated Romans made a bargain, they would pay 1,000 pounds of gold for the Gallic army to leave the city with no further bloodshed.

“The Romans bring the gold before Brennus, who uses his own scales to measure it. On the Gaul’s scales, the Roman’s thousand pounds of gold measured to be less, which led the Romans to complain that the scale was rigged (it probably was). Responding to this, Brennus speaks ‘Vae Victis’ (Woe To The Vanquished) and throws his sword on the counterweight. Because the Romans lost, they have to pay the rigged sum of gold as well as the weight of the sword, to add insult to injury.

“The irony here is that vowing this type of humiliation would never happen again, Rome went on to become an ancient war machine conquering and subjugating most of the old world. On the record, ‘Woe To The Vanquished’ is spoken in an ironic, mocking tone — the defeated are trampled and time marches on, uncaring, and forgets they ever existed.”

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Silhouettes’
02. ‘Woe To The Vanquished’
03. ‘Remain Violent’
04. ‘Shellfire’
05. ‘Descending Blade’
06. ‘Spectral Asylum’
07. ‘Divinity Of Flesh’
08. ‘When The Guns Fell Silent’

Warbringer’s line-up is as follows;

John Kevill (vocals)
Adam Carroll (guitars)
Chase Becker (guitars)
Jessie Sanchez (bass)
Carlos Cruz (drums)

Music videos were filmed for the tracks ‘Silhouettes’ and ‘Remain Violent’, which can be viewed below.

Fourth studio record IV: Empires Collapse was released in October 2013 via Century Media.