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CANNIBAL CORPSE Release ‘Code Of The Slashers’ Music Video
The Florida death metal group’s 14th full-length studio album ‘Red Before Black’ is scheduled for release on November 3rd. Read More…

Avé is a big record with an even bigger sound and vision. It’s a declaration of war, putting everyone on notice that Venom Inc. is in full takeover mode.

HEXX – Wrath Of The Reaper
ANTICHRIST – Sinful Birth
NECROT – Blood Offerings
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On February 13th, 1970 to the soundtrack of an ominous churchyard bell, an immense shadow cast itself across the musical world.

METALLICA – Kill ’Em All (1983)
PANTERA – Metal Magic (1983)
GRIM REAPER – See You In Hell (1983)
EXODUS – Bonded By Blood (1985)
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MR. BIG – Defying 2017
Paul Gilbert discusses Mr. Big’s ninth full-length studio record Defying Gravity, guitar improvisation, and drummer Pat Torpey.

DECAPITATED – Scarring The Earth
RIVERDOGS – The American Dream
FROSTHELM – Eternal Winter And Darkness
THE FERRYMEN – Carrying The Souls
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METALLICA – Lightning Raiders (1984)
Lars Ulrich discusses Ride The Lightning, touring in Europe and the United States, signing a major record deal and switching management.

MEGADETH – Love It To Death (1985)
HELLOWEEN – Tearing Down The Walls (1986)
PANTERA – Kings Of The Night… (1986)
SLAYER – Total Devotion (1991)
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