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MEGADETH Issue Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Making Of ‘Lying In State’ Music Video
February 13th, 2018

Los Angeles, California-based thrash metal group Megadeth have issued behind-the-scenes footage from the making of their latest music video for the track ‘Lying In State’. Both the footage and official video clip – directed by Leo Liberti – can be viewed below.

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine commented: “‘Lying In State’ is actually a second part of ‘Conquer Or Die’. These two parts were supposed to be sequenced together. So it goes ‘Conquer Or Die… Lying In State’. And the ‘Lying In State’ part is a double entendre which I’m pretty familiar with doing. The ‘lying in state’ was a place where you… Once you die, you’re lying in state for all to see. Or, right now, with people who are still upright, standing by the podium, lying in a position of state.

“The song is about how it is here with almost every single politician. It talks about how I’ve seen the world change in the years that I’ve been alive. I guess the double entendre came from watching a lot of these politicians, you just know when they’re asked a question the answer is such spin, somebody that doesn’t know shit is gonna go, ‘Oh, I get it’, because they don’t wanna say, ‘I have no idea what he just said’. But for me, since I watch a lot of political pundits to try to get inspiration for songs, I see when people are spinning stuff. Then you’ve got John Kerry – his wife is the heir to Heinz Ketchup over here, so that dude’s a billionaire. He don’t need to be working! But then he comes out and says the Paris shooters should have been able to be justified for what they did like at Charlie Hebdo, and the world went nuts on him and then he back-pedalled it, and to me that’s lying in state.”

Megadeth issued 15th full-length studio album Dystopia on January 22nd, 2016 through Universal Music / Tradecraft / T-Boy Records. A limited-edition vinyl picture disc version was released on April 8th.

The outing was recorded at Lattitude Studio South in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. Handling production was Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine and Toby Wright. Mixing is being overseen by Josh Wilbur. In addition to those included on the final track listing, Megadeth recorded a cover version of the Budgie track ‘Melt The Ice Away’.

On March 29th, 2015, it was confirmed that the ensemble have recruited Chris Adler – of Richmond, Virginia-based metal ensemble Lamb Of God – to step behind the drumkit for recording sessions. The permanent appointment of Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro was confirmed on April 2nd of that year.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘The Threat Is Real’
02. ‘Dystopia’
03. ‘Fatal Illusion’
04. ‘Death From Within’
05. ‘Bullet To The Brain’
06. ‘Post American World’
07. ‘Poisonous Shadows’
08. ‘Look Who’s Talking’ (iTunes bonus track)
09. ‘Conquer Or Die’ (instrumental)
10. ‘Lying In State’
11. ‘The Emperor’
12. ‘Last Dying Wish’ (iTunes bonus track)
13. ‘Foreign Policy’ (Fear cover)

Megadeth’s recording line-up was as follows;

Dave Mustaine (vocals and guitar)
Kiko Loureiro (guitar)
David Ellefson (bass)
Chris Adler (drums)

‘The Threat Is Real’ underwent twelve-inch vinyl release on November 27th as part of 2015’s Record Store Day Black Friday bonanza. The B-side featured the band’s rendition of the Fear song ‘Foreign Policy’.

In its first week of release, Dystopia charted at position three on The Billboard 200, having shifted 49,000 equivalent album units in the United States.

Music videos were also filmed for the tracks ‘Post American World’ and ‘Conquer Or Die’. In addition, animated music videos were created for the title track and the song ‘The Threat Is Real’. All four clips can also be viewed below.

Fourteenth studio record Super Collider was released in June 2013.

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