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Zillion (1984)

Hailing from Buffalo, New York comes Zillion, a four-piece powerhouse who I’m putting my money on to cause an impact on the metal scene during ’85.

The band have been doing the rounds on the New York club scene playing Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden and Dio covers. But having won Buffalo’s Star Hunt Championship ’84, it enabled them to record a demo of totally original material that is so impressive it indicates the days of playing cover sets should soon be a thing of the past.

I should point out that Zillion are not another death / power metal outfit ready to thrash into oblivion. No, this band offer more accessible, but just as powerful metal that has a slight commercial edge, guaranteed to make both punters and record company executives alike sit up and take notice.

’Ride The Feeling’ is the band’s ace track which is nothing short of brilliant. Carried along by a fast, hard driving rhythm courtesy of bassist Vinny ’Rockman’ Mele and drummer Mike Terrana, the track features some tasty soloing from guitarist John Andrews. Out front are the impressive Klaus Meine / Ronnie James Dio-influenced vocal talents of Mark Anthony. The Dio influences are particularly evident on the menacing and very catchy ‘Moulding Metal’.

Anthony writes all the band’s lyrics, while the songwriting is left to John Andrews. Between them they have come up with some really ear-catching material. While ‘Ride The Feeling’ shows the bands out and out metal approach, ‘We Wanna Know’ – where the band sound like a heavier version of Bon Jovi – show Zillion’s versatility in handling the more commercial stadium rock tunes.

Zillion have already opened live shows for the likes of Talas, Helix and the mighty, overrated Ratt and won rave reviews on the East Coast, and believe me it shouldn’t be too long before those reviews have been enhanced worldwide.

At present, the band are looking for a record deal on either side of the Atlantic, an ambition that is surely just a formality if there’s any justice in this business?

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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