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Winds Over Salem (1988)

Formed in 1986 by Mark Beaudoin (lead guitar) and Tom Kavanagh (drums), Witch Master General are a power metal band based in Ottawa, Canada.

The band’s current demo was recorded in October of last year and features five songs: ‘October Frost’, ‘Scarlet Fever’, ‘Reduced To Ashes’, ‘On The Warpath’ and the title track ‘Winds Of Salem’.

Musically, the band – whose line-up is completed by Randy Chase (vocals), Dan McNamara (rhythm guitar) and Bryant Dale (bass) – mix early Metallica and Black Sabbath influences with injections of thrash and enhanced with a strong sense of melody. Vocalist Randy Chase reminds me a lot of Ozzy Osbourne with a touch of Candlemass’ Messiah Marcolin thrown in, which suits the complex story structures perfectly.

On the evidence of this tape, Witch Master General have some strong material, especially ‘October First’ and the pacey ‘On The Warpath’, which displays excellent musicianship and a desire to be creative and original, and hopefully they shouldn’t have too many problems in securing a record deal in the near future.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 37 (1989)

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