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Wildee (1987)

From Rome in Italy, Wildee were first featured in Metal Forces back in issue #18, when they went under the moniker of Mayhem. Now it’s fairly obvious why they decided to change the name, so it’s no surprise to find that they’ve actually changed direction too; less European sounding, now more in the vein of Dokken.

Wildee, comprised of Gianluca Lombardi (vocals), Rudy Costa (guitar), Ray Sperlonga (bass) and Alex Infascelli (drums / keyboards), are pretty much an engima within the Italian rock community in these days of thrash / hardcore metal, because Dokken-style music is not particularly very popular over there, and in Rome in particular. But these guys don’t care. After all, it’s bands like Dokken and Poison that get all the chicks – even in Italy (right Bret?!!). And you don’t need to talk to me about Italian girls!!!

Anyway, gettin’ back into reviewin’ the band rather than goin’ off on a tasty tangent, Wildee recently sent over their brand new three-song demo for my edification and it ain’t bad. Though, in comparison to the Mayhem stuff, I do feel Gianluca is trying too hard to sing in the Don Dokken way, and it doesn’t work. I much prefer that Mad Man Axel growl dude! This problem arises in all three of the songs.

‘Life Walks Through Danger’ (apparently inspired by a certain female) is the first cut. The choruses are very strong, plenty of clout in the backing vocals, but really, Gianluca’s voice is straining too much. Face facts, you’re a much better shouter, man. There’s some good effects on the cut and the playing is good’n’tight, but the production does spoil things; more the fault of a bad mix actually.

‘Bottch The Devils’ is about a fantasy game invented by Wildee, based upon something akin to Rollerball. Italian humour for ya! There’s some tasty wenches drafted in on backing vocals here and a good guitar break from Rudy Costa. Apparently, the name of the sport is ‘Bottch’ and is a totally sexist idea whereby girls in American football gear, with long legs and big tits, fight it out between each other. In this instance, the lyrics tell of one such girl player (Ray’s girlfriend!!) about to make her debut against another team called ‘The Devils’.

Lastly, ‘Venture Maniac’ rounds things off. Talk about a Dokken rip-off! Luca gets into his Don Dokken outfit and dreams of all those adoring little cuties throwing their underwear at him. And why not?! I do that sometime too. Ha! Ha! This is actually where he puts in his best performance on the tape, though I feel the production ruins the whole atmosphere of the song. What was the engineer on?!

All in all though, if Wildee can iron out the problems the tape highlights then we could be talkin’ about a potential Italian supergroup. And there aren’t many of them about! Remember: Bottch it to the top!! (Sounds pretty filthy doesn’t it?!).

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 26 (1987)

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