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Troy (1984)

Troy are the band formed by ex-Tytan and Angel Witch drummer Dave Dufort. The line-up was finalised in September 1983 and alongside Dufort are Mike Baron (vocals), Frederic Avesque (guitar), George Hayes (guitar) and Richard Vernon (bass).

Instrumentally, Troy remind me a lot of early Iron Maiden which is not a bad thing, especially as the material is very well constructed with plenty of variation to keep the listener’s full attention. Both guitarists are responsible for some imaginative soloing, while up front there’s the powerful vocals of Mike Baron, where comparisons can be made to Jon Deverill of Tygers Of Pan Tang fame, especially on the fast-paced ‘Long Way To The Stars’; my favourite track of five on the band’s debut demo.

Unfortunately, the excellence of the songs are ruined somewhat by the poor mix of the tape. Baron’s vocals in particular are too far upfront and dominate just a little too much. Still, in a nutshell, Troy have brought that famed NWOBHM sound bang up to date, and with the likes of Tokyo Blade and Grim Reaper proving that there’s still more than just mild interest in ye olde British metal, I can see no reason why these South Londoners shouldn’t secure some sort of record deal soon.

After all, it will make a change from all this American sounding British hard rock garbage that’s currently being turned out by the majors. Long live British metal!

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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