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Strutt (1983)

Strutt come from East London and feature three ex-members of the now defunct Deep Machine, a band that despite its line-up problems built a somewhat cult following around the world on the strength of a couple of demos and a handful of live appearances, especially in Holland.

The ex-Deep Machine trio of vocalist Tony James (a.k.a. Tony Smith) and guitarists Tony Harris and Paul Smith have been joined by ex-Breakheart drummer Steve Lee Jones and bassist Lee Valentine, who also played in Burn (another great band) with Tony Harris.

It should be noted that despite their name Strutt are definitely not a glam / shock rock band. No way, Strutt play much harder and classier rock than the Wrathchild’s and Rox’s of this world.

Unfortunately there are only two tracks on the demo, but it’s still enough to show what a promising band Strutt are, with their ability to mix melody and harmonies around good solid heavy riffing. The first number, ‘Only Fools And Lovers’, is very much in the UFO mould, only better. Admittedly, ‘Turn Me Loose’ takes two or three listens to get used to the sudden chorus tempo change, but once you’ve accepted that then the track has classic potential, being delivered in vintage Y&T-style. If, like me, you’ve been disappointed in the direction that Y&T have been taking musically of late, then close your eyes and give this a listen; it could quite easily have come off the Black Tiger album.

So, certainly a band with great potential, and if they can keep producing material to the quality of ‘Turn Me Loose’ then I’m sure you’re gonna be hearing a lot more of Strutt in 1984.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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