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Stormbringer (1985)

Not to be confused with the Swiss Rainbow clones, this Swedish act were formed in 1982, and despite being grossly underproduced have quite a neat line in metallic wall of noise style material. I was truly blown away by the unbearable but delightful chaos of ‘Free’.

There are traces of a more subtle style evident, and if they were given a good producer to work with then they could do very well indeed worldwide; the signs are there. Check out ‘The Tale’ and the excellent ‘Fire In My Eyes’. Just hear that guitar sound… crushing to say the least!

The Malmö-based band are: Rudy B. Jade (vocals), Sandy Russel and Gregg Alize (guitars), Mizch Tammer (bass) and Jake Langsome (drums). Promising, very promising.

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 11 (1985)

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