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Rockdolls (1989)

Rockdolls seem to be everybody’s favourite band in Los Angeles at the moment. Former stack-heelers Halloween have developed into a sleazy style version of the UK’s Wrathchild; the ideas in the songs are so similar between the two. The band still feature my old china Rockey Fox (bass) with Jamie Rose (vocals), Trixie Star (guitar) and Marky Medallion (drums). Musically, they are a lot more tighter than most sleaze stars.

‘Fashion Queen’ is an anthemic Ratt / Guns N’ Roses-style anthem, while ‘More Than Love’ sees Jamie Rose turning in a fine performance; kind of Stephen Pearcy meets Jamie St. James.

‘Sex’ is the utmost Rockdolls anthem; kind of W.A.S.P. on heat and their answer to Wrathchild’s ‘Cock Rock Shock’.

Rockdolls are working extremely hard on the LA club scene at the moment, and I’ve heard they’ve just added another guitar player and are getting sleazier by the very second. Catch on to the Rockdolls bandwagon.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 40 (1989)

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