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Quick Change (1985)

I’m told that Chicago’s Quick Change almost signed with I.R.S. Records; the label being impressed by their attitude if not their music at this stage. My comments mirror the I.R.S. A&R department, but I am sufficiently impressed with their musical approach to suggest that some of the more adventurous European labels find out what this band is all about.

The first thing that struck me about Quick Change’s eight-song demo, is how well produced it is. The musicianship is tight and the arrangements are good, the music giving me déjà vu of the first wave of American heavy metal as we now know it back in ’81 / 82.

Without doing a track by track review I’ll just point out the highlights. Whilst all the tracks could be a little faster, being as they are almost in the Trouble / Black Sabbath vogue, it’s the last cut that impresses me the most. ‘End Of The Reign’ has all the makings of a classic heavy metal track, highlighted by some excellent vocals from Dwayne Whitehead (who, admittedly could be a little more adventurous elsewhere).

Also, investigate ‘Going Down’ which threatens to rip-off the riffs to Rail’s ‘Hello’ intro and Robert Plant in Zep days in the vocal department. ‘Street Lady’ is another example of a track that could, if a touch faster, be really something. Think about it boys. ‘In Full Force’ also impresses, being a good opener.

Quick Change have in fact been together for four years, so it’s not as if they don’t know what it’s all about. The band’s present line-up is: Dwayne Whitehead (vocals), Mike McCarthy and Dubs Anderson (guitars), Wayne Salvetti (bass) and John Kruczek (drums).

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 16 (1986)

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