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Desolation Rituals (2014)

C’mon. We’ve all been waiting for a band to release a song called ‘Fistfuckchrist’, haven’t we? Well, for those of you who haven’t, it’s too late because the mysterious Nuclear Perversion are a bunch of metal madmen who obviously thought we’d appreciate such an anthem!

Beginning with a war-torn frenzy, this debut demo tape comes fully armed – to the teeth, in fact – with musical savagery. Eight tracks (including an intro and outro) to pulverise the soul, all delivered in holocaustic rage and nightmarish grind blasts. As demo compositions go, this is one that will remove the ears very quickly.

If you like grinding blackened death metal, then look no further than this belligerent mess of scrambling, volatile skin striking, horrid barking vocal bouts and bestial backdrops of weighty sneering guitar.

With ‘Satan’s Wrath’, we’re battered and bludgeoned by a steady backbeat and those gnarly, mocking vocal growls, bringing together an unholy blend of down-tuned grimness and perverse passion which results in a general feeling of contempt and misery. The second musical expression comes via the hideous noise of ‘Misanthropic Annihilation’, which is delivered as a no frills, maniacal expression of hateful black metal laced with that deathly weight of seething angst. And it just ploughs on through the strewn carcasses like a gigantic fulgurous storm where its lightning streaks just reduce every remaining bone to ash.

Nuclear Perversion doesn’t want to be flashy or original but merely bulldoze its way through life, and at the helm are those vocals which for me make the whole platter even gnarlier. However, it’s not just a case of a guttural bellow because every now and then we’re given a treat as the voice turns into some maniacal squawk replicating the hungry malevolence of a flesh-hungry crow. This is the only real variation though, as ‘Crushing The Symbols Of The Holy’ quite literally lives up to its name, and ‘Weapons Of Mass Perversion’ isn’t going to adhere itself to the masses either as it trudges on with that almost mundane yet tight, hammering execution of grind and death.

And then of course we come to everyone’s favourite hit, ‘Fistfuckchrist’, which is in fact merely a 41-second grunt accompanied by a raging rhythm section and nothing more. If you want to spend your days simply barking “fistfuckchrist” out of your window though, then you will surely need this musical accompaniment.

And with that, ‘Sodomic Nuclear Sunrise’ finishes the job, combining that hurtling hateful grind with a slower, more ponderous process of obliteration before a lengthy outro of suspense leaves our sorry carcass to wilt in the blazing sun. Thanks guys for the beating.

The Desolation Rituals demo cassette is available Iron Bonehead Productions here.

Neil Arnold

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