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No Excuse (1988)

No Excuse, that’s Richard Scott on lead guitar, Alex Poray on bass, drummer Andy Lloyd and the exquisitely gorgeous Sue Hunt on vocals, are a fairly new London band intent on a rocket ride to stardom.

So far things are going their way and I see no reason for their progress to falter. Richard’s services were of course utilised by Sabbat recently for live work (in fact he was asked to join Sabbat, but declined opting to stick with No Excuse). The band have also gained places on two American compilation albums, Ladykillers 2 and Guitar Mania.

Their bio claims Sue only recently discovered she could sing, which initially had me in some doubt. Most assertions of this ilk regarding female vocalists generally imply you’re on cue for some Samantha Fox-type whine. But, but, but… Sue Hunt can most definitely sing and puts such hyped blandness as Fiona to shame. Sue is in possession of one of the richest and markedly powerful voices you’ll hear. So thankfully No Excuse avoid the token woman vocalist as mere garniture stupidity too many bands currently employ.

The three songs on the demo, ‘Baby Don’t Say’, ‘T.I.C.’ (eh?) and ‘Life’s A Ball’, illustrate the technical proficiency of the unit and remarkable writing maturity. There are misdemeanors though; a strong and unnecessary Van Halen leaning for one thing. Remember Hellenbach? Scott’s playing is a tinge too close to Van Halen for comfort. The guy is obviously an accomplished player, so hopefully he’ll settle into his own niche. Also, the songs are a touch too long; a common trait of demos.

Still, very promising and if there’s any justice (which of course there isn’t) should herald good fortune for the not too distant future. This is one group that could well get onto bigger and bigger things.

Garry Sharpe-Young

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 31 (1988)

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