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Messiah Force (1985)

A highly promising demo from this Canadian quintet, who in many ways sound like a cross between Iron Maiden and Warlock with the Doro Pesch-inspired vocals of Lynn Renaud shining through.

Messiah Force was formed in May 1984 out of the ashes of two bands from Québec – Frozen and Exode. The current line-up reads: Lynn Renaud (vocals), Jean Tremblay (lead guitar / backing vocals), Bastien Deschenes (guitar), Eric Parise (bass / backing vocals) and Jean-François Boucher (drums).

The demo contains seven powerful tracks all delivered with pace and aggression, with my particular faves being ‘White Night’ (reminding me a little of Pretty Maids’ ‘Victim Of Power’), ‘Watchout’ and the excellent ‘The Third One’, which sounds very much like early Warlock at their best… raunchy speed metal.

I can definitely see a bright future for Messiah Force. Let’s hope record companies spot that potential too.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 19 (1986)

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