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Break The Silence (1984)

Mania come from Hamburg and have been around since early 1983. They’ve had two demos released, the first eliciting response from the grand daddy of underground metal mags, Aardschok. The German band’s most recent demo, Break The Silence, found its way into Metal Forces’ hands.

A six-track affair, it does display some musical ability, but in the main the songs all sound the same, particularly where the rhythm section is concerned; the exception being the horrendous ballad, ‘I’ve Got A Dream’. Ugh!

Two tracks do rate on the Richter scale though. ‘Hard Rock, Women and Whiskey’ (cliche! cliche! cliche!) has a memorable middle section where the band (Uli Kurth on vocals, Thies Bendixen and Frank Nottelmann on guitars, Didy Mackel on bass and Matthias Eisele on drums) whip up a storm with some pretty intense playing.

‘Break The Silence’ is my other choice cut, which is nice and heavy and where I can compare Uli’s vocals with Bodine’s Mad Man Axel (circa Bold As Brass). A six-track mini-LP is in the works as well as a French tour with Blaspheme.

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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