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Metal Rebels (1983)

Hell’s Dagger are a four- piece metal band from Canada featuring Frank Ross (vocals / guitar), Syd Brophy (guitar), Danny Clout (bass) and Gil Heynemann (drums).

The band’s Metal Rebels demo has four numbers – ‘Eyes Of Fire,’ ‘Better Safe Than Sorry,’ ‘Metal Rebels’ and ‘Power Of Love’ – which show a lot of promise, with their forte being the ability to write catchy riffs with a strong emphasis on melody.

Bands such as Judas Priest and Def Leppard are comparisons that spring to mind, but Hell’s Dagger don’t sacrifice their commercial edge for heaviness; ‘Metal Rebels’ for instance reminds me a lot of Savatage.

Admittedly the production of the demo leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m sure if they are given the right push that we shall be hearing a lot more of Hell’s Dagger in the near future.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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