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Battle Of Metal (1983)

I have not been known to like many European metal acts; they always seemed to have tired ideas and copybook looks… until now. Future Tense have just come blasting out of Holland; a four-piece consisting of Cock van Drunen on vocals, Rob Weber on guitar, Tjerk Kiesel on bass and Ruud Beunder on drums.

Their six-track demo is a fast and furious affair similar to Armored Saint. Though the songs tend to lack something in style, they make up for this in sheer guts and fury. ‘Battle Of Metal’ and ‘Go To Hell’ are good examples of this, especially the former which could be a bit of a classic. Despite its rather crass title, it features some killer guitar work from Weber who uses his ability to the full.

‘Mephisto’ is a showcase for Weber’s talent, using both acoustic and electric guitars to good effect. Other songs include the rather savage ‘Nightmare’ and the average ‘Marquis de Sade.’

‘Nightmare’ has in fact been chosen to appear on the Metal Massacre V compilation album, with the possibility of an EP or LP to follow. They have also got tracks on a compilation tape called Metal Axe, and also a new song on a compilation LP being brought out by Roadrunner Records (who are closely associated with the UK’s own Music For Nations) as an example of new Dutch bands.

Steve Hammonds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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