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ESP (1986)

I remember speaking to one of the guys in this band whilst in Connecticut to do a Liege Lord interview. Yeah, Pat Prince, one of Metal Forces’ East Coast photographers, was talking to him on the phone while I was intently viewing Pantera and Stryper videos in Pat’s collection. I remember the ESP member asked me to listen to their demo. Well, I have done so and here’s the review.

Four tracks of riff-ridden mayhem are what’s on offer here. ‘Tower Of Babel’, ‘Make My Stand’, ‘Take ’Em Alive’ and ‘Parallel Thoughts’ all echo Queensrÿche, even down to the Geoff Tate-clone vocals of Bill Jennings. It just goes to show how many bands were influenced by the Seattle boyz debut EP. Although, God help anybody who has been influenced by the bloody terrible The Warning album!!

Anyway, Connecticut’s ESP are certainly worth checking out. The band is completed by guitarists Brian Waterbury and Bill Gleason, bassist John McCarthy and drummer Sean Kelly. Of course, Queensrÿche fans will love ’em but I think the more discernible amongst you will like ’em even more.

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 19 (1986)

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