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Eden (1984)

Remember Terracuda? That was a band covered in Metal Forces issue 5. Well, like a lot of bands they have undergone another line-up change as well as changing their moniker again – this time to Eden. The line-up is now Mike Henry (vocals / guitar), Rick Crocco (guitar), David W. Henroyd (bass) and David Young (drums). Henry and Young were of course previously in August Redmoon (they had an EP called Fools Are Never Alone out a while ago on the Metalworks label) who then promptly split into the aforementioned Terracuda. Then with two new members, Crocco and Henroyd from Salt Lake, Eden were formed.

Now firmly based in Orange County, California Eden have recorded a five-song demo featuring ‘Pound It Out,’ ‘The Bigger They Are,’ ‘Gone Too Far,’ ‘The Looking Glass’ and ‘Victim Of The World’; all of which are a vast progression on the material that was recorded with Terracuda. Even though the tape does suffer from the obligatory poor production, Eden do possess a good solid metal sound mixed in with a sense of subtlety that a lot of new bands lack. This is shown on the track ‘The Looking Glass’, which is a great slowish song which mixes acoustic and electric metal guitar to great effect – similar to Ace Frehley’s ’Fractured Mirror’ track off his solo LP.

The other songs are all good if not that original. ‘Pound It Out’ is what it says… an out-and-out metallic anthem, while ‘Gone Too Far’ and ‘The Bigger They Are’ are very much in the commercial vein. At the moment, Eden are negotiating a major record deal (it seems a lot of interest was caused by Metal Forces’ ‘Demolition’ feature on Terracuda). But while those talks go on, the band are contenting themselves by gigging in the Los Angeles area and rehearsing. They are also thinking of putting out a single or an EP on an independent label.

Steve Hammonds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 9 (1985)

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