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Dreamscape (1988)

The metal scene really seems to be opening up for the British speed and thrash bands of late. Whether the right bands are getting signed up is, of course, open to debate, but the important point is that the signing of Onslaught and, more significantly, Slammer to the ranks of the major labels has given a lot of encouragement to new young bands all over the country.

Deviant are one band who will be hoping to make their mark in the next twelve months or so, and although this Norfolk quartet are hardly ready yet to be thinking of seven album deals with a major label, they certainly show enough promise to suggest greater things.

The band were formed late last year and feature Jez Dredd (vocals), Al Hella (guitar), Izzy Rider (bass) and Paul Torquemada (drums). Their three-song demo, entitled Dreamscape, was recorded in September of this year.

Anthrax seem to be a big influence on the band; this is particularly evident on the title track which is delivered fast’n’furious and features some good soloing from Hella. The best cut though is ‘The Slayer’ which is an excellent slice of power metal, while the pacey ‘Terrors’ just underlines the ability that Deviant possess to write strong material with intelligent arrangements and enough variation not to be predictable.

With an average age of just 18, Deviant have time on their side to develop into a top notch metal act, and it will not surprise me if they pick up a record contract early next year.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 34 (1988)

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