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It’s Rock (Against All) (1985)

Shock-rock Italian style. Not having seen a photo of this outfit yet, I can’t say whether they look like dicks or look the part? However, I have seen a photo of their ‘sex girl’ they use at live shows and she looks pretty horny stuff… but then I’m bound to say that what with my reputation as resident sexpert on Metal Forces! Ha! Ha!

Seriously, Axe Hero sound okay, but, as with most Italian bands, are let down by some rather poor vocals; in this instance Mirko DeFox is the culprit. Their sound is much more metal than glam is usually, with ‘It’s Rock (Against All)’ being in the Trouble / Judas Priest mould.

The production’s not bad and brings out the best in the rhythm section of Cesco Evil Sex (bass) and David Johansen (drums, and obviously a New York Dolls fan!), and the guitarists Dave Moby and Martin Martin can play a bit, but this is not what shock-rock is all about and the other two tracks (‘I’ll Fly’ and ‘Violence Of Pleasure’) just bored me shitless!

Apparently, the live show is outrageous and for adults only; probably like S.A.D.O. I wouldn’t mind seeing photographic evidence, because with shock-rock such as this they must have a good gimmick.

Dave Reynolds

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 17 (1986)

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