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Atomic Opera (1985)

Atomic Opera have only been in existence since the beginning of the year, but it shouldn’t be too long before this Florida quintet start making a name for themselves.

The band’s first demo contains two tracks – ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Take Control’ – both showing touches of Iron Maiden but far heavier; especially the latter which whips up into quite a thrashy affair making good use of their twin lead attack.

Vocals from Ryan Dalton are adequate if not over-impressive, but he is not helped by the poor mix of the tape. Given a good production, Atomic Opera could develop into quite a promising act indeed.

The band’s full line-up is Ryan Dalton (vocals), Todd Grubbs and Hal Dunn (both guitars), Mike Martinez (bass) and Mike Furney (drums).

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 12 (1985)

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