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Annihilation Complete (1987)

Anacrusis hail from St. Louis in Missouri ,and on the evidence of this five-song demo, Annihilation Complete, have a very bright future ahead of them.

The band’s current line-up of Kenn Nardi (vocals / guitar), Kevin Heidbreder (guitars), John Emery (bass) and Mike Owen (drums) have been together for just over a year and have combined their Metal Church, Trouble, Slayer and Metallica influences to produce a rather unique sound.

The songs, especially ‘Annihilation Complete’ and the superb frenzy of ‘Imprisoned’, are all fairly complex affairs mixing doom-laden riffs with plenty of speed and melody. At times the band remind me a little of early Savatage with a distinctive guitar dominated sound. Admittedly Kenn Nardi’s vocals are much of an acquired taste and may put a few people off, but really this just adds to the band’s own identity.

‘Pendulum’ is a must for all fans of Trouble, while thrashers will just foam at the mouth at the rabid ‘Frigid Bitch’. The final track ‘Apocalypse’ is a kinda ballad of epic proportion that reaches an incredible climax. The lead guitar sound on this track is phenomenal.

If this band can produce the goods on vinyl as they have here with this demo, then there’s no doubt in my mind that Anacrusis could go to the very top. Somebody give ’em a record deal quick!

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 24 (1987)

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