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X-TINXION Unveil Music Video For ‘Survivors Of Hell’ Track
October 4th, 2017

Schiedam, Netherlands-based thrash metal band X-Tinxion have filmed a music video for the track ‘Survivors Of Hell’, which can be viewed below.

X-Tinxion issued debut full-length studio album From The Ashes Of Eden on June 10th, 2016.

From The Ashes Of Eden was produced by Serge Naberman and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson.

The track listing is as follows;
01. ‘Amalgamation’
02. ‘Survivors Of Hell’
03. ‘Severed From Heaven’
04. ‘Genetic Sickness’
05. ‘Uniformity’
06. ‘Eden’
07. ‘Narrow Path’
08. ‘Civilised’
09. ‘Destruct & Reanimate’
10. ‘The Divine’
11. ‘In Progress’

X-Tinxion’s line-up is as follows;

Monica Janssen (vocals)
Conrad Hultermans (lead guitar)
Sepp Coeck (rhythm guitar)
Kornee Kleefman (bass)
Peter van Toren (drums)

A music video was also filmed for the track ‘Amalgamation’, which can be viewed below.

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