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VICIOUS RUMORS Vocalist Carl Albert Dies Following Car Accident Aged 32
April 22nd, 1995

Carl Albert

Carl Albert, vocalist of Californian metal group Vicious Rumors, died on April 22nd, 1995 at the age of 32, following a car accident.

Albert co-founded Californian metal concern Ruffians in 1983, with whom he recorded a 1984 demo as well as a 1985 self-titled EP. Villain would be the next outfit to feature the frontman, 1986 EP Only Time Will Tell featuring Albert behind the microphone.

Albert joined Vicious Rumors in late 1986, erstwhile Hawaii frontman Gary St. Pierre having lent vocals to 1985 debut Soldiers Of The Night. At that time, guitarist Vinnie Moore had left the fold following a brief tenure, citing musical differences. Erstwhile Starcastle member Mark McGee auditioned for the guitar position, Albert auditioning for the vocal position. Jamming one time, the track ‘Digital Dictator’ was immediately written, the pair collectively joining Vicious Rumors’ line-up. Albert recorded four full-lengths with the ensemble in all, namely; Digital Dictator (1987), Vicious Rumors (1990), Welcome To The Ball (1991), and Word Of Mouth (1994).

Consisting of live recordings cut in Europe during 1994, a limited edition CD entitled A Tribute To Carl Albert – European Bootleg was issued in his memory. Over half of the material for sixth full-length Something Burning had already been authored by the time of Albert’s passing, much of it by the man himself. That album emerged in 1996, co-founder and guitarist Geoff Thorpe assuming vocal duties.