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SOTO Release Second Studio Album ‘Divak’
April 1st, 2016

International power metal group SOTO, featuring namesake American vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen / ex-Talisman / ex-Journey), issued second full-length studio album Divak on April 1st, 2016 through earMUSIC.

The outing was produced by Jeff Scott Soto and drummer Edu Cominato, once again. Mixing was handled by engineer John Ellis.

Inaugural single ‘FreakShow’ was co-produced / written by Tony Dickinson, who also co-authored ‘The Fall’ (inaugural single from debut album Inside The Vertigo).

The track listing is as follows;


01. ‘Divak’ (intro)
02. ‘Weight Of The World’
03. ‘FreakShow’
04. ‘Paranoia’
05. ‘Unblame’
06. ‘Cyber Masquerade’
07. ‘In My Darkest Hour’
08. ‘Forgotten’
09. ‘SuckerPunch’
10. ‘Time’
11. ‘Misfired’
12. ‘The Fall From Grace’
13. ‘Awakened’

Bonus tracks (all digital retailers)

14. ‘Final Say’ (live)
15. ‘The Fall’ (live)
16. ‘Break’ (live)
17. ‘When I’m Older’ (live)
18. ‘Stand Up’ (live)

Additional bonus tracks (iTunes / Apple Music)

19. ‘My Life’
20. ‘Cracking The Stone’

SOTO’s line-up was as follows;

Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)
Jorge Salan (lead guitar)
BJ (rhythm guitar and keyboards)
David “Z” David Zablidowsky (bass)
Edu Cominato (drums)

Music videos were filmed for the tracks ‘Weight Of The World’ and ‘Unblame’, which can be viewed below. In addition, an official lyric video was created for the song ‘FreakShow’.

Debut studio record Inside The Vertigo was released in January 2015.