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REBELLION Reveal Track Listing For ‘Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History Of The Saxons’ Album
September 8th, 2015

German power metal group Rebellion issue seventh full-length studio album Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History Of The Saxons on September 25th, 2015 through Massacre Records.

A historical concept album, the outing’s title is taken from the Old English poem ‘The Wanderer’.

Recording, mixing and mastering was handled by guitarist Oliver Geibig at Tone Town Music, with production being handled by Oliver Geibig and bassist Tomi Göttlich. Cover artwork duties fell to Hanspeter Ludwig.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Irminsul’
02. ‘God Of Mercy’
03. ‘Sahsnotas’
04. ‘Take To The Sea’
05. ‘Hengist’
06. ‘Runes Of Victory’
07. ‘Slave Religion’
08. ‘The Fall Of Irminsul’
09. ‘Hail Donar’
10. ‘Blood Court’
11. ‘The Killing Goes On’
12. ‘Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd’

Sixth studio record Arminius: Furor Teutonicus was released in October 2012.

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