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PILE OF PRIESTS Release ‘Redemption Per Cruciatu’ Single
October 6th, 2017

Denver, Colorado-based progressive death metal band Pile Of Priests issued digital single ‘Redemption Per Cruciatu’ independently on October 6th, 2017, which is available for purchase via the band’s Bandcamp page here.

Translated from Latin, ‘Redemptionem Per Cruciatu’ means ‘Redemption Through Torture’ as the band explains: “The song is about the centuries of child molestation within the Catholic Church, and in particular one Wisconsin priest who sexually molested over 200 deaf children between 1950 and 1974. He was never punished by the Vatican hierarchy or by the criminal justice system of the United States.

“The song musically starts out with an eerie bass intro to portray the sadness and trauma of all the affected victims. It then progresses into a fast-paced melodic ride of pure anger that is sure to rile up the listener.”

‘Redemptionem Per Cruciatu’ was recorded during the summer of 2017 and produced by Pile Of Priests and Eddie Kim of EFK Media. Kim was also responsible for mixing and mastering duties.

Cover artwork was created by Juha Vuorma.

Pile Of Priests’ line-up is as follows:

Evan Salvador (vocals and guitar)
Patrick Leyn (bass)
Evan Knight (drums)

An official lyric video was released for ‘Redemption Per Cruciatu’. Created by Rafael Ortega, the clip can be viewed below.

Debut full-length studio album Void To Enlightenment was released independently in December 2015.

Promotional photograph by Mitch Ross.

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