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PFM Unveil Music Videos For English And Italian Versions Of The Song ‘The Lesson’ / ‘La Lezione’
October 27th, 2017

Milan, Italy-based progressive rock band PFM (aka Premiata Forneria Marconi) have released music videos for the English and Italian versions of the track ‘The Lesson’ / ‘La Lezione’. Both clips can be viewed below.

PFM issued 19th full-length studio album Emotional Tattoos on October 27th, 2017 through InsideOut Music.

The band commented: “On the cover you see a fantastic spaceship run by Franz and Patrick, bringing the band to places never explored before, introducing the audience into the new PFM world, where music has not only one identity but evolves and embraces many genres. PFM is famous for never repeating previous records and Emotional Tattoos is an album that will leave emotions on the skin, like when a spaceship lands in a fantastic world with vegetation and animals in harmony with each other.”

A double disc affair, the outing features both English and Italian versions of the album.

Emotional Tattoos was recorded with Alessandro Marcantoni at Metropolis Studio in Milan.

Cover artwork duties fell to Stefano Bonora (Artkademy).

The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1 (English Version)

01. ‘We’re Not An Island’
02. ‘Morning Freedom’
03. ‘The Lesson’
04. ‘So Long’
05. ‘A Day We Share’
06. ‘There’s A Fire In Me’
07. ‘Central District’
08. ‘Freedom Square’ (instrumental)
09. ‘I’m Just A Sound’
10. ‘Hannah’
11. ‘It’s My Road’

Disc 2 (Italian Version)

01. ‘Il Regno’
02. ‘Oniro’
03. ‘La lezione’
04. ‘Mayday’
05. ‘La danza degli specchi’
06. ‘Il cielo che c’è’
07. ‘Quartiere generale’
08. ‘Freedom Square’ (instrumental)
09. ‘Dalla Terra alla Luna’
10. ‘Le cose belle’
11. ‘Big Bang’

PFM’s line-up is as follows:

Franz Di Cioccio (vocals and drums)
Marco Sfogli (guitar)
Patrick Djivas (bass)
Lucio Fabbri (violin and keyboards)
Alessandro Scaglione (piano, Hammond, Minimoog and keyboards)
Roberto Gualdi (aadditional drums)
Alberto Bravin (additional keyboards, lead and backing vocals)

Eighteenth studio record PFM In Classic – Da Mozart A Celebration was released in September 2013 via Immaginifica.

Promotional photograph by Orazio Traglio.

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