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MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY Release ‘Anger Mismanagement’
January 31st, 2014

Death metal group Monument Of Misanthropy, formed by Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon, guitarist Jean-Pierre Battesti and vocalist George ‘Misanthrope’ Wilfinger (Raising The Veil / Disfigured Divinity / ex-Miasma), issued debut full-length album Anger Mismanagement on January 31st, 2014.

To finance the effort, Monument Of Misanthropy launched a crowdfunding campaign through, offering autographed CDs as well as exclusive T-shirts. A €4,000 target was reached.

Anger Mismanagement was recording during the summer of 2013 by Goulon in his home studio (drum tracks), by Camille Mougins at Kairos Studio and by Mamad Rafati at Transonix Studio (guitars and bass tracks). Vocals were tracked by Stefan Kaschel (AudioRiot Recordings), who handled the editing, engineering, and mixing process. Mastering duties took place at Iguana Studios, with Christoph Brandes overseeing production.

The track listing was as follows;

01. ‘Intro / Foreboding Of Evil’
02. ‘Entering A New State’
03. ‘Malformation’
04. ‘Vegan Homicide’
05. ‘Monument Of Misanthropy’
06. ‘Bring Me The Head Of LGG’
07. ‘Carnal Offering’
08. ‘Retarded Phrase Mongers’
09. ‘Flag Of Hate’

A cover version, ‘Flag Of Hate’ was originally written by Kreator, Kreator’s rendition being featured on the October 1985 album Endless Pain.

The ensemble’s line-up was as follows;

George Misanthrope (vocals)
Jean Pierre Battesti (guitars, bass)
Romain Goulon (drums)

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