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MINDWARS Release Second Studio Album ‘Sworn To Secrecy’
April 29th, 2016

Los Angeles, California-based thrash metal band Mindwars issued second full-length studio album Sworn To Secrecy on April 29th, 2016 through Punishment 18 Records.

The outing was mixed and mastered by producer Bill Metoyer. Cover artwork duties fell to Mario Lopez.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Sworn To Secrecy’
02. ‘Cradle To Grave’
03. ‘Lies’
04. ‘Twisted’
05. ‘Helpless’
06. ‘Scalp Bounty’
07. ‘Rest Now (For Tomorrow Comes)’
08. ‘No Voice’
09. ‘Prophecy’
10. ‘Release Me’
11. ‘Transporting’

Mindwars’ line-up is as follows;

Mike Alvord (vocals and guitar, ex-Holy Terror)
Danny “Z” Pizzi (bass)
Roby Vitari (drums, ex-Headcrasher / ex-Jester Beast)

Music videos were released for ‘No Voice’, ‘Cradle To Grave’, ‘Scalp Bounty’ and the title track, which can be viewed below. In addition, an official lyric video was created for the song ‘Twisted’.

Debut studio record The Enemy Within was released in October 2014.