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January 9th, 2018

New Jersey-based metal group Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, featuring namesake Symphony X bassist Mike LePond, have made the track ‘Hordes Of Fire’ available for streaming through YouTube, which can be accessed below.

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins issue second full-length studio album Pawn And Prophecy on January 26th, 2018 through Frontiers Music Srl.

The outing’s title track is a 21-minute opus based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. A raft of musicians make guest appearances, including Symphony X members Michael Romeo and Michael Pinella.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Masters Of The Hall’
02. ‘Black Legend’
03. ‘Antichrist’
04. ‘I Am The Bull’
05. ‘Avengers Of Eden’
06. ‘Hordes Of Fire’
07. ‘The Mulberry Tree’
08. ‘Pawn And Prophecy’

Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins’ line-up is as follows;

Mike LePond (bass, rhythm guitars, and backing vocals)
Alan Tecchio (lead vocals)

Pawn And Prophecy’s guest musicians are as follows;

Michael Romeo (drum programming, keyboards, and lead guitar on track 8)
Michael Pinella (backing vocals, piano and organ on track 8)
Lance Barnewold (lead guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5)
Rod Rivera (lead guitars on 5, 6 amd 7)
Andry Lagiou (lead vocals on track 8)
Noa Gruman (lead vocals on track 8)
Veronica Freeman (lead vocals on track 8)
Phyllis Rutter (lead vocals on track 8)

A self-titled debut studio record was independently released in September 2014.

Promotional photograph by Jatzi Nieto Photography.

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