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KLOGR Unveil Music Video For ‘Pride Before The Fall’ Track
February 6th, 2018

Carpi, Italy-based alternative rock / metal group Klogr have released a music video for the track ‘Pride Before The Fall’. Directed by Joba and featuring footage filmed during the band’s 2017 European Tour as support to The Rasmus, the clip can be viewed below.

Klogr issued third full-length studio album Keystone on October 6th, 2017 through Zeta Factory.

Frontman Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli commented: “Keystone is a central point of a system, a doctrine, a school of thought, a series of events. The new album is the perfect representation of our work, what we believe in and what we want to express with our music.”

The outing was recorded at Zeta Factory Studio in Carpi, Italy, and mixed at Mainstation Studio in Toronto, Canada by David Bottrill.

“We decided to work with a producer like David to reach a turning point in our discography,” added Rusty. “David brought something that was missing in the band, an outside view focused on music and not on what is ‘trendy’. His incredible musical sensitivity and his professional experience led us to challenge ourselves and to experiment new solutions that gave the album a unique power and personality. We are really proud and satisfied of the result, this is our best work ever. We hope you will enjoy it!”

The cover artwork is a painting by renowned Italian artist, Andrea Saltini.

“A while ago, I saw a paint of Andrea Saltini and I was really impressed by it,” said Rusty. “When Keystone came to life with its music, I immediately remembered that painting and thought it would be perfect for our cover. Luckily it was still available and we were able to use it for our design.”

The track listing is as follows:

01. ‘Sleeping Through The Seasons’
02. ‘Prison Of Light’
03. ‘Technocracy’
04. ‘The Echoes Of Sin’
05. ‘Pride Before The Fall’
06. ‘Something’s In The Air’
07. ‘Drag You Back’
08. ‘Sirens’ Song’
09. ‘Dark Tides’
10. ‘Silent Witness’
11. ‘Enigmatic Smile’
12. ‘The Wall Of Illusion’

Klogr’s recording line-up was follows;

Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli (lead vocals and guitars)
Pietro “PQ” Quilichini (guitars and backing vocals)
Roberto Galli (bass)
Maicol Morgotti (drums)

Music videos were also filmed for the tracks ‘Prison Of Light’ and ‘Sleeping Through The Seasons’. In addition, a music video was released for a remix of the song ‘Technocracy’ featuring Prong drummer Art Cruz. All three clips can be viewed below.

Second studio record Black Snow was released in Europe via Zeta Factory, with The End Records handling United States distribution.

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