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INCANTATION Make ‘Profane Nexus’ Album Available For Streaming In Its Entirety
August 11th, 2017

Johnstown, Pennsylvania-based death metal group Incantation issued tenth full-length studio album Profane Nexus on August 11th, 2017 through Relapse Records.

Profane Nexus has been made available for streaming in its entirety and can be accessed below.

The outing was recorded at the band’s own Incantation Studios in Johnstown, with mixing and mastering handled by Dan Swanö.

Cover artwork duties fell to Eliran Kantor, the artwork in question titled ‘Draping The Tar Monster’.

Relapse Records previously issued the following Incantation platters; Onward To Golgotha (1992), Mortal Throne Of Nazarene (1994), Diabolical Conquest (1998), and The Infernal Storm (2000).

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Muse’
02. ‘Rites Of The Locust’
03. ‘Visceral Hexahedron’
04. ‘The Horns Of Gefrin’
05. ‘Incorporeal Despair’
06. ‘Xipe Totec’
07. ‘Lus Sepulcri’
08. ‘Stormgate Convulsions From The Thunderous Shores Of Infernal Realms Beyond The Grace Of God’
09. ‘Messiah Nostrum’
10. ‘Omens To The Altar Of Onyx’
11. ‘Ancients Arise’

Incantation’s line-up is as follows;

John McEntee (vocals and rhythm guitar)
Sonny Lombardozzi (lead guitar)
Chuck Sherwood (bass)
Kyle Severn (drums)

A music video was filmed for the track ‘Messiah Nostrum’, while a 360º visualizer video was also released for the song ‘Rites Of The Locust’. In addition, an official lyric video was created for the track ‘Lus Sepulcri’. All three clips can be viewed below.

Ninth studio record Dirges Of Elysium was released in June 2014 via Listenable Records.