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HOLYCIDE Issue Animated Lyric Video For ‘Motörhead’ Track
October 4th, 2017

Madrid, Spain-based thrash metal band Holycide have released a official animated lyric video for the track ‘Motörhead’, which can be viewed below.

Holycide issued debut full-length studio album Annihilate… Then Ask! on February 1st, 2017 through Xtreem Music.

Annihilate… Then Ask! was recorded at Blood Cadillac Studios in Madrid by Andy C., who was also responsible for mixing and mastering.

Cover artwork duties fell to Andrei Bouzikov.

The track listing is as follows:

01. ‘Afterworld Remnants’
02. ‘Annihilate… Then Ask!’
03. ‘Human’s Last Dawn’
04. ‘Eager To Take Control’
05. ‘Motörhead’
06. ‘Bonebreaker’
07. ‘Deserve To Be Erased’
08. ‘Losers’ (Détente Cover)
09. ‘Leather Spikes Chains & Blood’
10. ‘Back And Forth’

Holycide’s line-up is as follows:

Dave Rotten (vocals, Avulsed / Christ Denied / Putrevore)
Miguel Bárez (guitar, Inntrance / Violent Eve)
Salva Esteban (guitar)
Dani Fernández (bass, Dark Moor / ex-Inntrance)
Jorge Utrera (drums)

Directed by Ix Valieri, a music video was filmed for the track ‘Human’s Last Dawn’. In addition, an official lyric video was also created for the title track. Both clips can be viewed below.

Debut EP Toxic Mutation was released in February 2015.

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