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HATE Issue Drum Playthrough Video For ‘Into Burning Gehenna’ Track
May 22nd, 2017

Warsaw, Poland-based black / death metal band Hate have filmed an official drum playthrough video for the track ‘Into Burning Gehenna’, which can be viewed below. An official drum playthrough video was previously released for the track ‘Indestructible Pillar’, which can also be viewed below.

Hate issued tenth full-length studio album Tremendum on May 5th, 2017 through Napalm Records.

Cover artwork duties fell to Daniel Rusiłowicz.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Asuric Being’
02. ‘Indestructible Pillar’
03. ‘Svarog’s Mountain’
04. ‘Numinosum’
05. ‘Fidelis Ad Mortem’
06. ‘Into Burning Gehenna’
07. ‘Sea Of Rubble’
08. ‘Ghostforce’
09. ‘Walk Through Fire’
10. ‘Hearts Of Steel’ (bonus track)

Hate’s line-up is as follows:

Sinner (vocals and guitar)
Pavulon (drums)
Domin (live guitar)
Apeiron (live bass)

Filmed by Błażej Jankowiak and produced by 9Liter Filmy, a music video was released for the track ‘Numinosum’. In addition, an official lyric video was created for the song ‘Asuric Being’. Both clips can be viewed below.

Ninth studio record Crusade:Zero was released in January 2015 via Napalm.

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