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December 30th, 2013

Landsberg, Germany-based metal group Farewell To Arms announced plans to disband.

The band issued the following statement: “The last years have been incredible. It’s amazing what we’ve experienced and accomplished as band as well as individuals. We’ve met lots of people, talented musicians and other bands. We’ve travelled to beautiful places and stages and had lots of fun with other bands. Even though we split, every one of us will dedicate his life to music – in different bands or projects. Thank YOU for your loyal support. Without you, Farewell To Arms wouldn’t have been what it is today. We’ll play four last gigs next year, like the Domination Festival 2 in Augsburg, Germany. The final three shows will be announced soon.”

Farewell To Arms formed in 2007, releasing debut full-length album Perceptions in November 2012 through Massacre Records.

The ensemble’s line-up was as follows;

Dominik Martin (vocals)
Johannes Denk (guitar)
Gordian Golder (guitar)
Roland Gallus (bass)
Manuel Lotter (drums)

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