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AFTERBIRTH Stream ‘The Time Traveler’s Dilemma’ Album In Its Entirety
July 30th, 2017

Long Island, New York-based death metal group Afterbirth issued debut full-length studio album The Time Traveler’s Dilemma on July 28th, 2017 through Unique Leader Records.

The outing has been made available for streaming in its entirety and can be accessed below.

Afterbirth reunited in 2012 following a near 20-year hiatus, and began composing material. The Time Traveler’s Dilemma was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joseph Cincotta at Full Force Studios in Long Island. Former Internal Bleeding frontman Frank Rini lends backing vocals to the track ‘Timeless Formless’.

James Plotkin handled the mastering process for the vinyl edition of The Time Traveler’s Dilemma.

Cover artwork duties fell to Kishor Haulenbeek.

The track listing is as follows;

01. ‘Eternal Return’
02. ‘Maggots In Her Smile’
03. ‘Drills And Needles’
04. ‘Discarded Astral Body’
05. ‘Multiverse Dimentia’
06. ‘The Time Traveler’s Dilemma I’
07. ‘Sifting Through The Sands Of The Unholy’
08. ‘Timeless Formless’
09. ‘Transcendental Object At The End Of History’
10. ‘Devouring The Hungry Ghost’
11. ‘The Time Traveler’s Dilemma II’

Afterbirth’s line-up is as follows;

Will Smith (vocals)
Cody Drasser (guitars)
David Case (bass)
Keith Harris (drums)

Debut EP Maggots In Her Smile was released in December 2015 via Death Metal Industry.

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