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ACCEPT Release ‘Balls To The Wall’
December 1983

German heavy metal group Accept issued fifth studio full-length album Balls To The Wall in December 1983. The follow-up to 1982’s Restless And Wild, the outing was cut between July-August 1983 at Dierks Studios in Cologne, Germany. Accept produced, while Louis Austin engineered. Michael Wagener mixed the effort. Jean Lessenich designed the front cover artwork, based on a concept devised by manager Gaby Hauke – Hauke was credited under the pseudonym ‘Deaffy’, and also co-penned lyrics. Album photography was handled by Dieter Eikelpoth. The track listing was as follows;

Side one:

01. ‘Balls To The Wall’
02. ‘London Leatherboys’
03. ‘Fight It Back’
04. ‘Head Over Heels’
05. ‘Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had’

Side two:

01. ‘Love Child’
02. ‘Turn Me On’
03. ‘Losers And Winners’
04. ‘Guardian Of The Night’
05. ‘Winterdreams’

On November 27th, 1990, the Record Industry Association Of America (RIAA) awarded Balls To The Wall Gold certification for North American shipments in excess of 500,000 copies.

Fourth studio record Restless And Wild was released in October 1982.

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