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Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, California, USA


Tommi Gunn (l-r): Steve Mitchell, Patrick Ryan and Marty Kelly

Judging by the packed house and an obviously anxious crowd, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. For every guy there were ten gorgeous young women!

The house lights dimmed and then someone screamed over the mic “Are You Ready?!” The crowd screamed back and Tommi Gunn hit the stage opening with ‘Let’s Rock’n’Roll’, followed by ‘Talk Of The Town’. Right away I could tell how solid and professional this act is. The drummer, Anthony Focx, is an impressive player, as is Patrick Ryan on bass, and together they kept a solid rhythm happening.

The band performed such songs as ‘Hard To Get’, ‘Sheila’, and ‘On The Road’. Both guitarists, Steve Mitchell and Marty Kelly, had a great heavy guitar tone and are a perfect twin guitar act. Vinnie Kelly (Marty’s twin brother) on lead vocals has a strong voice with a lot of control, which really showed on ‘Feel The Heat’ and every other song they played.

These guys have a lot of fun on stage and are a lot of fun to watch. Tommi Gunn are full of energy with a lot of style, and believe me they have the songs, the hooks and the looks to be the next big thing from LA.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 35 (1989)

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