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Fulham Greyhound, London, England


Tigertailz (l-r): Pepsi Tate, Steevi Jaimz and Jay Pepper

This is the UK’s only threat to LA rock, apart from Wrathchild, as far as I’m concerned. Tigertailz may as well come from the States, as the influence of the likes as Poison, Jetboy and other such bands is so strong that some might claim it was a total rip-off.

Steevi Jaimz is possibly the ultimate frontman, as he ran straight from the dressing room to the stage on opener ‘Easy Action’. I would give anyone a million dollars to try and stop this guy from moving. Steevi has all the movements of a glam Sean Harris, coupled with some Diamond Dave acrobatic kicks. The problem is, Steevi is too good at this stage of Tailz career – he’s trying too hard.

‘Young And Crazy’ was a real high point of the set, with its violent verse riffing. Ace Finchum’s drum solo was interesting as far as drum solo’s go; Ace put on quite a show for an unknown.

The best thing about the Tailz is that they work as a band – just like Poison. They all move extraordinarily well together on stage. My only moan is that the image could do with tightening, i.e. some cash or bucks, whatever you like to call it? Tigertailz still have a long way to go, but one thing’s for sure, Pepsi Tate has the ultimate image as far as any other glam bands I’ve ever seen; he will definitely crush any UK competition by himself alone.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 23 (1987)

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