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Beethovens, Davenport, Iowa, USA
March 8th, 1986

Lynn Allen

What the hell am I doing in Davenport, Iowa? Kim Fowley wants me in LA, and Diamond Rexx want me in Chicago. Well, I’m here for a good reason; I’m talking about Iowa’s biggest export, and it ain’t corn. No, it’s Lynn Allen.

A voice screams over the huge PA: “Let’s hear it for the best in the Mid-West – Lynn Allen!”. The packed venue goes nuts as the band launches into ‘Take It Off’, a cut I hadn’t heard before. It’s plainly obvious right from the start that vocalist Billy Peiffer has that certain charisma that puts him leagues above the rest. Everything he does the crowd laps up, and it really is astonishing to see it happen. Drummer Bobby Boyd and guitarist Tim Compton look like they’ve come straight out of Ozzy Osbourne’s band; the moves, the looks and the unbelievably tight musicianship.

‘She’s Looking At Me’ shows the band don’t even stop for a breather. Power and class unite in a deadly partnership that’s gonna be the band’s claim to major success.

The girls go especially crazy on a cut from the band’s We Laugh At You project, titled ‘Last Night’. Apparently, this little ditty is a smoocher’s classic in Davenport; it certainly got a big thumbs up on the night. ‘Last Night’ is definitely different for Lynn Allen, being a lot more balladic than anything else they do.

‘Strangers’ is a new cut the band have been working with for a while and it seems to go down extremely well; definitely Lynn Allen’s step into the almost modern pop sound. ‘Depending On You’ is definitely aimed at the heavier element of the crowd and is probably my favourite number. The band close with ‘Can’t Stay Away’, and more power rock beyond ecstasy. God, this sure beats the Marquee on a good night!

So is Iowa finally on the rock’n’roll map? Well, from the strength of this gig I would say yes. Some big names will be working with the band in the coming months, so something positive should come of this. Hopefully, the bands first European release is only a stone’s throw away.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 18 (1986)

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