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MAXX WARRIOR – Maxximum Metal!!
Dave Reynolds
Metal Forces, Issue 15 (1985)

Maxx Warrior (l-r): Scott Atkins, Alton Eddins, Carl Snare, Billy Dorey and Perry Richardson

So where does a trip begin? For me, it began with an overdose of metallic mayhem from the latest hot to trot American metal act to emerge with freshly pressed vinyl. ‘High On Metal’, the lead track of North Carolina’s Maxx Warrior’s self-titled EP, was blasting forth sweet’n’deadly music from the Stakk Attakked amps. In the inner sanctum of Shades record store, I was entranced by the mesmerising power of that track. This was it brothers. This was real Americana metallo for ya. I’ve never been quite the same again.

A few weeks later I received a phone call from Executive Records boss and ex-Nantucket bassist Mike Uzzell. Mike had been told by the hair-razin’ Kelv Hellrazer that I was interested in doing an interview with these boys signed to his label. And so…

Maxx Warrior vocalist Carl Snare seems to be pretty down to Earth; no overblown ego, no loud mouth rantin’ and ravin’ about how his band are gonna crush all others into oblivion – they could do. No, Carl is a quietly spoken guy, obviously more interested in letting the music do the boasting for him. I like that kind of approach. So let’s get the lowdown on the band.

“Well, we come from all over the East Coast of the United States,” says Carl. “The band is Scott Atkins on guitar from Virginia, Alton Eddins – also on guitar – from Ashville, North Carolina, Perry Richardson is the bassist, he’s from South Carolina, and Billy Dorey plays drums and he comes, like myself, from Pennsylvania.

“We’ve been together for three years but this EP is our first recording.”

So how did you manage to hook up with Executive Records? “Well, it was a long time ago. We were doing a tour and received a call from Mike Uzzell who had formed Showtime Management and Agency. We kinda hooked up with them as both of us were starting out at the beginning. They felt we needed an outlet so we formed an indie label and that’s Executive.” Who are also responsible for releasing the fifth album from Mike’s old band Nantucket (see review in Metal Forces issue #13).

You appear to have developed a pretty intense sound. How would you describe your music? “Well it’s not speed metal, more a melodic type metal. It’s hard’n’drivin’, but we like to keep some hook lines in there.”

As we spoke, the record had only been out five days and due to hit the Western world with considerable force. The band claim a varied, diversified set of influences that include Judas Priest, Kiss, Metallica, Aerosmith – and guess what? Angel too! Seems Carl and the boys have excellent taste! Actually, Maxx Warrior don’t come across as clones of any of the above. In fact, I can’t really give you any comparisons; that’s how original they are to my ears y’see. Our American readers will hopefully be seeing Maxx Warrior, as well as hearing them, pretty soon. Although they’ve played a considerable portion of the US, they plan on assaulting your eyes and ears in support of the record.

How about New York Carl? “Well we’ll be working our way up there by playing in Cincinatti, Ohio, Baltimore and Delaware. I hope we can play New York soon.”

Which brings us to the question concerning the release of the EP in Europe. Are Maxx Warrior pushing for its release here? “Yes we are. Right now we’re working on distribution over there in Europe.”

If you need new excitement in your life. If you’re sick to the back teeth of having to content yourselves with second-rate product from Kiss, or waiting for the new Priest stormer, then go spend your Pounds, Dollars, Deutsche Marks or Krone on the Maxx Warrior EP.

I tell ya, I don’t do drugs – never have done – ’cos it’s metal of this quality that gets me going. I don’t need no coke, smack or grass to hype me up baby. Disbelievers often ask me what I see in all this “heavy metal noise”? Well, now you know. It’s the best stimulant next to women. It’s excitement, it’s a dream come to life – it’s when you start playing invisible guitar ’cos it’s you who wants to be up on stage crankin’ it out. And ya know it’s true; frustrated musicians do become music critics!

So what more can I tell ya ’bout Maxx Warrior? That they’re friends of Sugarcreek? “Yeah, we’re good friends of Sugarcreek. We’ve played with them a few times, but obviously they’re a completely different style of music.”

What about Nantucket Carl? “Oh we like them too. The funny thing is that way back when I was still living in Pennsylvania, the drummer who is in Nantucket now and I were in a garage band who used to cover one of their songs.”

It’s a funny world eh?

Interview taken from Metal Forces, Issue 15 (1985)

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