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The Bunty Man EP

UKEM (2013)
Rating: 5/10

Spawned from the industrial smog of Sheffield in the UK, Necrogrinder release their second EP, The Bunty Man, which comes three years after their 2010 debut eight- tracker, Mangled Fetus Insertion. Fans of brutal grindcore and slamming death metal will no doubt know what to expect from this bunch of deranged minds.

The Bunty Man is certainly a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, although the splats of humour will more likely be traced to song titles such as ‘Bummed By The Binmen’ and ‘Handicap Handjob’ rather than those indecipherable vocals.

This is very much extreme metal that – despite its comedy element – is still brutal and hard to listen to if one is not accustomed to the grindcore scene. Sam Williams’ vocals are about as guttural and messy as it gets, having the appeal of someone who has spent their sinner money on a plate of compost!

However, whereas a lot of modern grindcore / death metal mutations tend to alienate with their speed, Necrogrinder are actually quite listenable when they find old school rhythm amid the gory clutter of pounding drums and hyper guitars. ‘Bummed By The Binmen’ is a prime example of how the band finds a niche between frantic extreme metal and deathlier, more accessible structures. The same could also be said for the guttural bellowing of ‘Suffolkated’, which provides some real nasty chugging alongside those dirty, phlegm-infested growls.

The real minus point of this sort of band though is the fact that there are numerous acts of similar sound, often opting for the pig squeal vocals and muddy dynamics. I can take this stuff in small doses, however, and enjoy the humourous element of this kind of relentless barrage. It’s hard not to be swayed by the technical prowess of the hilariously entitled ‘Compostmortem’ with its furious drumming and bleaker chords, which weave their way through the sordid speed.

Yes, the vocals do become a bit of an irritant after a while. Yet, when you consider that the EP only runs for 20 or so minutes, before you know it such carnal delights as ‘Vegetable Soup’, ‘Banger Pigshead’ and ‘Chainsaw Brainsore’ have passed you by leaving you with a strange look upon your face.

Yep, Necrogrinder are about as rewarding as being hit full pelt on the head with a bag of spuds, but as a brief novelty experience this type of wretched extremity does have its place in society… I think?!

Neil Arnold

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