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Definitive Strike EP

Self-released (2012)
Rating: 7/10

Definitive Strike is a new hardcore electronic band from West Virginia, leaning heavily towards the aggro tech / industrial genres but also including some elements of dubstep. The band also has a flare for the haunting sounds that dominate the gothic side of the electronic scene.

Featuring Dyksick mainman Marius Jones, Definitive Strike is steeped in the current volatility of the world’s political scene, relying currently on samples and the feeling of the music to convey their message. This EP is their introduction to the masses.

The EP opens with the haunting ‘Self-Reflection’, which begins with the aforementioned flare for the gothic side of the electronic scene, sampling a fire and brimstone preacher who reminds you that you are a sinner. The music provides a Cold Meat Industries-style industrial backdrop that, quite honestly, makes you a little uncomfortable.

‘Oasis Of The Mind’ follows suit nicely but picks up the tempo a bit. While too repetitive to blow you away or mark itself as a highlight, it does serve to launch the more aggressive side of the band quite well. ‘Pull WT7’ rises up from this more reflective state with a more aggressive side of the band that reminds me of NovCom or maybe even a more laid back, less guitar-ified Hanzel Und Gretyl.

‘Emanuel Crisis’ breaks the momentum of ‘Pull WT7’ at first by starting off slower. By mid-song though it’s built itself into an unrelenting beast of sounds that I found stuck with me much longer than some of the other tracks. Bringing everything to a halt is the brighter sound of ‘Our Fallen’, boasting a more anthemic approach than the other tracks but still falling well into that distorted, cold sound that makes industrial music so interesting in the first place.

Overall, this EP is a rollercoaster ride and since it’s intended as an introductory piece, it serves its purpose well. Showcasing a few different sides of the band certainly proves that Jones is capable of going in a lot of different directions, and I suppose 2013’s full-length release will solidify which direction he intends to take Definitive Strike in. Until then, if you enjoy pretty much any of the darker electronic styles then you should check out Definitive Strike.

Mark Fisher

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