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Wasted (1983)

Wasted you may remember were featured in our “Metal Danes” article in Metal Forces issue #1. Well, the Danish five-piece band from Copenhagen – consisting of Mick Sonne (vocals), Allen Sorensen and Thomas Olsen (guitars), Thomas Kromann (bass) and Morten Barth (drums) – have just completed a new demo, which shows a noticeable improvement on their previous effort.

The main criticism last time was the total lack of guitar solos on six of the ten tracks, but that’s certainly been made up for here.

There are five new tracks, the best being the Saxon-like ‘Six Foot’ and ‘Still In Love’, which after a slow intro builds up to a powerful flurry of fast, heavy riffing, around which guitarist Allen Sorensen delivers some fine lead breaks.

The remaining songs – ‘Bring You Down’, ‘Go Away’ and ‘Madman’ – are not quite up to the same standard, being a touch too commercial for my liking, but on the whole certainly a stronger demo.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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