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Maltese Falcon (1983)

This young Copenhagen-based band’s second demo sees them deserting the black metal image that Maltese Falcon created with their first effort. However, although their image may have changed, the music certainly hasn’t; still being delivered in a raw, hard’n’heavy fashion.

‘Headbanger’ is by far the best track, showing early Black Sabbath influences with its slow heavy build up before breaking out into hard, grinding fast paced metal. ‘Rebellion’, ‘Back With The Rock’ and ‘Back In The Circle’, although very heavy, are only of really mediocre quality. Whilst the slower ‘Stonehenge’ offers a welcome contrast to the harder hitting rockers, reminding me somewhat of Pretty Maids’ ‘Children Of Tomorrow’; although not quite as melodic as the Maids’ classic.

To be honest, after the Danish band’s promising first demo, I was expecting something a little more from this second offering. But still, not a bad effort, and hopefully the next one will show an even greater improvement.

Bernard Doe

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 2 (1983)

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