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Diamond Rexx (1986)

Already Metal Forces faves, Chicago’s Diamond Rexx caused quite a stir with their first demo I reviewed in issue 15; securing a management deal and receiving endless amounts of letters from all parts of the globe. Now the jeweled ones have bounced back with a new two-song demo which will be more representative of what is gonna be on the band’s first LP.

The demo features ‘Up And Down’ and ‘Cause I Wancha’, and the main difference here is the much improved sound quality from that first demo. Also, the band have turned more commercial on the evidence of these cuts, cutting an overall Black ’N Blue-type sound as opposed to that of Witch before. Both cuts are similar sounding and although I said they are more commercial, they still kick serious ass.

Something I find strange about the band – whose line-up remains unchanged from the first demo – is that they seem to have two styles of music that go almost in completely different directions. You have the death style metal of ‘Land Of The Damned’, and then there’s these glam anthems ‘Cause I Wancha’ and ‘Up And Down.’ Drummer Johnny Cottone assures me that all the bands material is based around women and having a good time, and he doesn’t know where I get the death element from? But Johnny, it’s there believe me.

Kelv Hellrazer

Review taken from Metal Forces, Issue 17 (1986)

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