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The Divine Equal

Self-released (2010)
Rating: 10/10

Canada’s Titans Eve launch themselves into the metal heavens with The Divine Equal. Written with Paradise Lost and the biblical book of Genesis in mind, The Divine Equal is a giant slab of metal that makes me feel the same way I did when I first heard Metallica’s Ride The Lightning (1984) or Testament’s Souls Of Black (1990). The band have shared the stage with compatriots such as Exodus, Bonded By Blood, and Lazarus A.D. as well as Finntroll, Ensiferium, Moonsorrow, and fellow Canadians The Agonist.

The speeding guitars and break-your-neck rhythm section of Titans Eve immediately get to work as ‘Judgement’ hits. As the album’s first proper track, its job is to simply blow your face off and that it does. By the time the first chorus hits you’ll be pumping your fist and wondering how in the hell you have never heard of this band before! The album’s lead single, ‘Becoming The Demon’ is up next. It offers a little more groove and a fantastic vocal that isn’t technically spectacular but fits the song perfectly, reminding me a lot of how James Hetfield’s voice stood out on the first two Metallica albums. The rolling ‘Tides Of Doom’ follows much the same formula as ‘Judgement’, but midway through it breaks out into heavier territory. The angry march of ‘Nightfall’ and the punk-infused (think Wisdom In Chains and Sick Of It All) ‘Searching For Nothing’ are highlights here as well. It’s the album’s namesake that pushes everything one step further here though.

‘The Divine Equal’ is about as dynamic a song as I’ve heard in a short three minutes and twenty one seconds. It grinds, it growls, it pumps, it unleashes, it pummels, and it absolutely inspires – all at the same time. The song very much encapsulates everything that came before it on the album, while also taking it up a notch.

While not entirely a thrash metal album, this one will definitely make those with an ear for that style stand up and cheer. What immediately catches you about this album is simply how downright inspiring it sounds. This is a band with a lot of life in them, a lot of fire in their belly and you hear it in every single note on The Divine Equal. I simply cannot get enough of this album because it reminds me of everything that is still good about metal music. This is the kind of band labels can’t create or buy into; this is the real thing – pure and unadulterated. Fans of new bands like Evile and Lazarus AD will find a lot to love here as will old fogies like me that still cling to the early Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, and Exodus records.

Mark Fisher

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