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Poser Holocaust

Empingao (2011)
Rating: 8/10

Now, I’m guessing that any metalhead out there who comes across this band has gotta be as thick as two short planks if they can’t fathom what type of music this is. Thrash Or Die, are an American… yep, you guessed it, thrash band, hailing from Miami, Florida and fronted by the maniacal Dr. Fukk, who on stage has a tendency to adorn himself in a doctor’s coat and studded wristbands.

But this isn’t any corny shit, far from it. Thrash Or Die are a ferocious band who while effortlessly have the ability to parody a lot of 80s thrash acts, also take their music very seriously. As Dr. Fukk (aka Ralph Viera) has shown on his YouTube channel, he knows a lot about metal and its history, and that passion shines through on this record.

Of course, with a title like Poser Holocaust you know that this is very much tongue in cheek, but it’s still a dose of deadly thrash for the ears, the sort of hyper-mosh that combines the likes of old school Exodus (particularly in Dr. Fukk’s vocals) and S.O.D., with a slightly modern twist.

I’ve been rather sceptical of the modern thrash revival, ever since Municipal Waste melted our ears a few years back, as so many bands are simply imitating the old school style but to no effect. Thrash Or Die are different due to their musical know-how and general ferocity which literally froths at the mouth on tracks such as ‘Wake Up And Smell The Thrash’, which pays homage to several classic bands such as Vio-lence.

Equally as frantic are album opener ‘Fatal Fury’ with its juggernaut bass, courtesy of Triplesixxx Whoremangler, while the drums of the hilariously named Darth Vodka are about as deadly – well almost – as his name suggests. Riff-wise it’s nothing overtly original as Hellvomit Sodomizer and a chap named Mario provide the mosh-a-rama, bringing to mind all manner of 80s American thrash acts from Heathen to Lääz Rockit, although the majority of tracks are puked out at quite a pace.

‘Ripped To Pieces’, with its Iron Maiden ‘Number Of The Beast’-style intro is quite a face-ripper. Dr. Fukk’s vocals will no doubt have you reaching for the throat lozenges afterwards and the grating guitars even take on a sharper, more polished black metal style of buzz-saw. My favourite track though is the more ominous, doom-laden ‘Doppelganger’ which brings Slayer to mind until it builds with a menacing chug.

Poser Holocaust is an enjoyable album that should please a majority of real thrash fans who are looking for something heavy, fast and furious to add to their collection. It’s also the type of album that carries its tongue firmly in its cheek, often unafraid to drop in a few tablets of humour, but never once does it let up with its aggression. My only fear is that such an opus will get swallowed by the scores of rather formulaic thrash bands doing the rounds at the moment. Death to posers!

Neil Arnold

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